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Business Management Program

"Nobody reads Ads. People like to read what interests them. Sometimes it's an Ad" - Howard Gossage

Pandemic has changed a lot many things and one of the major changes has been in the way we market about our business. Introducing One Digital Factory's Business Development Program!

It's Innovative, it's Cost Effective and it is the perfect way to grab more eyeballs for your product/service!

1. Brand Building and Promotion

This Program is most suitable for enterprises having zero or negligible digital footprint and are looking to upscale themselves into a well- recognized brand online.

It includes services like Website Development, Google Business and Social Media Profile Creation & Management, Brand Awareness Campaigns and Promotion.


2. Regular Marketing Program

This Program is for regular Management and Marketing of your business presence online. Suitable for established and freshly created brands alike.

This includes services like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation.

Visual Content Creation at ODF


Visual Content Creation is a bouquet of services that would help the any business to display their work in the market.


These include but are not limited to following


  • Product Shoot

  • Video Advertisement (commercials)

  • Jingles

  • Company Tour

  • Corporate Video

  • Business Deck

  • Social Media Creatives

  • Reels and Short videos for social media

  • Animated Videos for Social Media