Image by Jakob Owens

Artist Management Program

Well basically it’s being passionate about your art, mastering it and being able to perform it in a way that hundreds and thousands feel a magical connect with it is nothing short of a blessing! And artists live this blessing every single day. However, today's tech-savvy, overly competitive world has presented the artist community with new challenges. One Digital Factory's Artist Management Program is a complete online marketing solution designed specifically for artists so that they can shine independently.

Call us your personal assistant or a publicist or your trusted PR agency - we are here to help you negotiate the online world and connect you with your target audience.

How it Works?

1. Release Program

The Release Program is structured in a way that will help the artists to Present, Distribute and Market their fresh piece of work in the most optimal manner so as to reach maximum audience in a dedicated timeframe.

It will cover the Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch stages of marketing and distribution.


2. Retainer Program

The Retainer Program works as an ongoing process where the artist's work is kept fresh in the memory of their audience through regular updates and interaction on Social Media profiles and Websites.

Here not only the upcoming projects but even past collaborations, independent niche and some personal aspects of the artist's life are shared with the audience so that they are able to connect better and the graph of popularity is maintained.

Visual Content Creation at ODF


Visual Content Creation is a bouquet of services that would help the artist in getting all the marketing collaterals and digital content ready for the Release and the Retainer Programs.


  • Music Video

  • Album Art

  • Creative Video (lyrical, graphical)

  • Teaser

  • BTS of Music Making

  • Studio Version

  • Unplugged / Reprised version

  • Reels and Short videos for social media

  • Multiple posts on social media